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RECESSION 2022   Get Certified & Build Your Network for Survival   Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates 0.75% @ Sept. 21, 2022 FOMC Meeting   Gap Laying Off 500 Corporate Employees   Google and Meta Cutting 10% of Staff   Nordstrom Laying Off 231 People at Distribution Center   Boeing Outsourcing Corporate Jobs to India   Walmart Cuts Seasonal Hiring 76% Versus 2021   America's Largest Bank- JPMorgan Chase- CEO Says "Brace Yourself" for an Economic Hurricane   Starbucks Closing 16 Stores Due to Safety Issues   FedEx Expects a Worldwide Recession   U.S. Federal Government Collects Record $4.4 Trillion in Taxes Year 2022   U.S. Federal Government Hires 80,000 IRS Agents to Enforce More Tax Collection   Fed-Ex to Close 90 Offices & 5 Corporate Locations   RECESSION 2022   Get Certified & Build Your Network for Survival   Bed Bath & Beyond to Close 150 Stores   15,000 Cars Repoed Daily   Twilio to Lay Off 11% of Workforce   Warner Bros. Lays Off 100 Employees   Snapchat Lays Off 20% of Workforce   SoundCloud Lays Off 20% of Employees   RECESSION 2022   Get Certified & Build Your Network for Survival   Carvana Lays Off 2,500 Employees   Coinbase Lays Off 18% of Employees   Redfin Lays Off 8% of Workforce   Compass Lays Off 10% of Labor Force   Peloton Lays Off 20% of Workforce   Lyft Lays Off 2% of Workforce   Robinhood Lays Off 9% of Workforce   RECESSION 2022   Get Certified & Build Your Network for Survival   Ford Motor to Lay Off 2,000 Employees   7-Eleven Lays Off 880 Corporate Employees   Shopify to Lay Off 10% of Workforce   Vimeo Lays Off 6% of Employees   Loom Lays Off 14% of Workforce   Microsoft Lays Off 1,800 Staff   RECESSION 2022   Get Certified & Build Your Network for Survival  

Indiana SBA™

For decades Indiana SBA™ has distributed resources to the small business community during times of emergency, financial need, and economic prosperity. Decreed as a clearinghouse for small business, Indiana SBA™ provides business certifications, resources, and information from government agencies and commercial partners to small business owners throughout the state.

Diversity programs and procurement contracting opportunities are abundant throughout Indiana with many agencies, corporations, and financial institutions seeking business partners who are women, minorities, veterans, and other small business owners. Obtain your Indiana SBA™ Business Certification today.

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Economic Forecast 2022- Stock Market Crash

Indiana SBA™ Wealth Group forecasts a stock market crash within the next 15 months! COVID-19 lockdowns turned off the economy; U.S. Federal government spending broke the bank; and excessive Federal Reserve currency printing has created bubbles in real estate, student loans, auto loans, and the stock market. All Bubbles Burst!

Pension plans and retirement accounts such as IRAs and 401(k)s are exposed to a potential stock market crash if their portfolios are not diversified among different asset classes. Owning stocks in different sectors is not asset class diversification. Futures & Options, stocks, bonds, real estate, and business ownership are all different asset classes that produce different rates of return. A well-balanced portfolio should include various asset classes based upon correlation. Indiana SBA™ Wealth Group is a futures & options firm trading foodstuffs, energies, precious metals, currencies, and financials.
Learn More About Correlation & Diversification.

Corporate treasury departments are exposed to US Dollar inflation, higher rates of interest, and non-existent credit markets. This increases their costs of doing business and can even force the company into bankruptcy. Prudent money management encourages C-Suite executives to diversify currencies, hedge interest rate exposure, and speculate a portion of their treasury in managed futures. Learn More About Corporate Treasury Risk Management Techniques.

Married couples, individuals, and partnerships can speculate in the forecasted Stock Market Crash of 2022-23 with managed futures. Learn More.